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The family law group at Desmarais, Keenan LLP in Sudbury is sensitive to the needs and objectives of clients dealing with family law matters. We are professional family lawyers in Sudbury who help clients resolve matrimonial, divorce, custody, access and support issues as promptly and smoothly as possible.

Divorce Lawyers in Sudbury and Surrounding Area
If a marriage cannot be saved and divorce appears to be the direction you’re travelling, then don’t continue that direction without someone knowledgeable in Ontario family law. Here are some of the areas of law pertaining to divorce that Desmarais, Keenan LLP handles:

Separation Agreements
When a couple separates, duties shared during marriage, such as the care of children and mutually owned property, need to be formally detailed so both parties know their individual rights and responsibilities. Ideally, the separating partners should agree on the terms of the agreement themselves; talk to our experienced divorce lawyers in Sudbury to help you work toward an agreement that protects your rights and interests.

Child Custody and Access
We will work with you to develop a plan for custody and access that allows you as a separating couple to co-parent without major conflicts which may hurt and confuse the children.

Spousal and Child Support
While Ontario’s Child Support Guidelines make child support reasonably clear, the nature of parents’ employment, income levels, and the children’s changing needs over time may require adjustments to the levels outlined in the guidelines. Spousal support is often a greater minefield where the objective and practical advice of an experienced family lawyer can help separate emotions from short term and long term financial needs.

Uncontested Divorces
Do you need a lawyer for an uncontested divorce? Our experience is that in cases of uncontested divorce, one or both partners is so eager for the end of the marriage that they sacrifice their own future interests or fail to consider the future needs of children. We suggest that at the very least, you discuss the agreement with your family lawyers in Sudbury, to make sure that these issues are considered and that your rights and your family’s future are protected.

Your Family Lawyers in Sudbury Can Help with a Variety of Issues
In addition to matters regarding divorce, our family lawyers in Sudbury cover other areas of family law that focus on pre-marital and child services:

Marriage Contracts
While no one wants to think of a marriage ending in divorce, it’s important to think about your future. For this reason, a marriage contract or prenuptial agreement may be something worth exploring. Our family lawyers in Sudbury know how to draft marriage contracts in accordance with Ontario’s Family Law Act, which will ensure that the contract is enforceable in a court of law.

Adopting a child, whether from within Canada or from abroad, can be a long and complex process. Having a family lawyer will help you with consent and residency requirements for the child

We will help determine a child’s father, and advise you of your options from there..

For more information on the areas of family law that we cover, give us a call to schedule a free initial consultation with one our legal professionals.

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