Labour, Human Rights, & Employment Lawyers in Sudbury

While employment law is the newest practice area that our team has begun working on, we have embraced it and begun to help our clients with their legal woes. Our Sudbury employment lawyers work diligently to defend the rights of employees in Canada, as they are defined under federal and provincial law.
Areas of Law Covered By Our Sudbury Employment Lawyers
Wrongful Dismissal
Non-union employees can be dismissed from their job in most cases so long as advanced warning and severance are provided. An employee who is wrongfully dismissed can face an uphill battle in proving they were unfairly terminated from their job. Our Sudbury employment lawyers will reach out and climb that hill with you.
Workplace Harassment
Just as an employee is obligated to do their job, an employer is obligated to provide a work environment free of bullying or harassment. Individuals who have been harassed so badly that they quit their job can take legal action with an employment lawyer to make sure that the party allowing harassment to occur is held responsible.
Unequal Pay Claims
Two people with the same job title doing the same work at the same company should have the same pay. So if you think you’re being paid less, get in touch with one of our Sudbury employment lawyers. With enough evidence, we can compare payroll information to determine if you’re not being paid fairly.
Workplace Discrimination
Discriminating against someone for their age, sex, race and sexual orientation is a violation of the Ontario Human Rights Code. If you think you’ve been the victim of discrimination, talk with a Desmarais, Keenan LLP employment lawyer. Together, our lawyer will look for evidence of discrimination and expose any wrongdoing they find.
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