Business & Corporate Lawyers for All Corporate Matters in Sudbury

The business law group at Demarais, Keenan LLP is highly experienced and diversified, representing the interests of banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions, as well as many Northern Ontario businesses, in general corporate matters. Our business and corporate lawyers in Sudbury provide a variety of services for new entrepreneurs, established businesses and charitable organizations. Our scope of services includes:
Incorporation, Reorganization Including Corporate Financing, Mergers and Acquisitions
We will take the time to thoroughly understand your business plan, assets and goals and help you structure your business for agile response to the many challenges and opportunities in your market.
Partnerships and Joint Ventures
Collaborative efforts through long-term partnerships or project-specific joint ventures can present extraordinary opportunities to those involved. Our business and corporate lawyers can help you structure a partnership or joint venture to protect the interests and assets of the partners, reduce tax liabilities and define a process to resolve future disputes. Should you find that serious conflicts do arise, we also offer legal guidance on matters of commercial litigation in our Sudbury, Ontario office.
Commercial Leases
Business owners find negotiating commercial leases for real estate, equipment, machinery or other purposes easier with experienced legal representation. Should you find yourself in a dispute regarding a commercial lease, our business and corporate law members will help you resolve the problem without litigation or in court.
Franchise Agreements
As franchised businesses become bigger and bigger players in the Canadian marketplace, franchise law is changing as well. Whether you are a local business that’s growing through franchising or you are becoming a part of a national or international franchise, Desmarais Keenan LLP’s business and corporate lawyers can advise you on current requirements and regulations.
As the contract between the entity making a financial loan and the guarantor, the terms and extent of the guarantee must be clear and meet certain conditions to be enforceable. Whether you are the creditor or the guarantor, you will benefit from the experienced counsel of our business law team.
Shareholders Agreements
Conflicts among shareholders can have far-reaching consequences for a corporation. Shareholders’ agreements define those decisions that require unanimous approval and provide a process for dispute resolution, transfers of shares and other contingencies. The drafting of shareholders agreements requires in-depth experience in business law and in-depth knowledge of your organization’s structure.
Business Sales and Purchases
Your business lawyers at the Sudbury law firm of Desmarais Keenan can assess and reduce the risks inherent in the sale or purchase of a business. We are prepared to help you with negotiations, drawing up the share and asset purchase agreements, conducting the required title searches and filings and all other matters regarding business sales and purchases.
Preparation of Debentures, Security Agreements and Land Mortgages
Financing your business expansion can be difficult. We are experienced in debentures, security agreements and mortgages and help you assess the benefits and risks involved.
Annual Minutes
Failure to maintain accurate minute books can result in penalties under the Ontario Business Corporations Act and cause significant questions and delays should you need to sell or refinance or if you are audited by the Canada Revenue Agency. Our business lawyers in Sudbury know the information that must be recorded in your annual minutes, such as the articles of incorporation, bylaws, annual resolutions, dividends and bonuses.
Charitable Organizations
The advice of an experienced business lawyer can help you focus on furthering the purpose of your organization without overstepping the many requirements and restrictions that Canadian law imposes on registered charities.
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Business Law Members
  • Douglas J. Bamberger
  • Douglas R. Arthur
  • William Wilkins
  • Sophie Mageau
  • J. Robert LeBlanc